Generative Branding for a fictional Tea-Label

Tastea uses the classic myth of the „tongue map“ by D.P. Hanig to visually describe how each type of its premium grade teas tastes like. In the first step, a logo (hexagon) is created which displays the intensity of the parameters sweet, sour, bittersalty. The color determines the general type of tea: green for green tea, dark red for black tea, violet for fruit tea and amber for herbal tea. In the second step, a stylized landscape is grown onto this shape. Leaves of tea are then distributed across the surface.

The packaging is made of real wood. All parts are precisely laser cut and engraved. On the front, you can easily determine what your tasting experience will be like. On the rear, further information about this specific tea is given.

Tastea Teabags

Tastea Logos